About Doctors' Choice®

The conception of Doctors’ Choice® was to get the attention of the world with a most revolutionary kind of coffee one cup at a time. Through a single serve market, ever growing to meet the consumer's demand, Doctors’ Choice® gives 29% of its net proceeds from the sales of coffee to benefit Mercy Ships... Continue Reading

Health & Benefits

  • Coffee is a potent source of healthful antioxidants.
  • Caffeine provides a short-term memory boost.
  • Coffee may help protect against cognitive decline.
  • Coffee is healthy for your heart.
  • Coffee may help curb certain cancers.
  • Coffee may lessen your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Coffee curbs depression.
  • Coffee guards against gout.
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  • Doctors' Choice® premium “Memory Support” & Premium Paleo” lifestyle blends give you clean, steady and long lasting energy throughout the day without the buzz or caffeine jitters. We consider this a great benefit to anyone who loves coffee, but hates the up and down, or fears being over caffeinated.


    Answers from Donald Hensrud, M.D. Coffee has a long history of being blamed for many ills — from stunting your growth to claims that it causes...

  • With the continued proliferation of consumer coffee outlets and brands, it is easy to see that Americans have a love affair with their coffee. Palates...

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Bunn Coffee Machine

We have options available for small, medium or large businesses that want to offer healthier and better tasting coffees at all refreshment stations, brewed to perfection each cup, guaranteed and with no barista needed. Continue Reading