5 Reasons Why K Cups Are The Better Choice

By Tim - www.coffeeforless.com

It’s the eternal coffee debate: K cups vs. ground coffee cost. Which is your preferred choice? I’ve tried both ways and can tell you from research and experience that your best option is going for the K cups. To prove my point here are 5 reasons why k cups are your best option when it comes to coffee flavor and convenience.

K Cups Vs. Ground Coffee Cost

1. K Cups Do Not Waste Coffee
When you use coffee roast coffee you waste a large amount of what you buy. Think about how often you throw away excess after you make a full pot. Second, when you run out of coffee you spend three times as much by buying from your local Deli or coffee shop. With the average price of a cup of medium coffee being enough to buy six K cups, K cups are the smarter choice when you add it up.

2. Convenience
You can’t put a price tag on convenience. Think about the countless time you’ve woken up running late for work and didn’t have the time to brew up an entire pot of coffee. The beauty of the K cup is it allows you to brew a perfect amount of coffee in minutes without having to scoop out grounds of coffee and pour out excess coffee when your pot is full.

3. Savings
When you compare K cups vs. ground coffee roasts you buy at coffee houses like Starbucks, you save a lot more in the long run with K cups. Your total cost for the first year of drinking K cups comes to approximately $331 or $0.91 cents per day. Compare that price with the average cup of Starbucks coffee of approximately $2. That’s easily double the cost of what you pay for using K cups.

4. Variety
Try an experiment. Walk down the coffee aisle of your local grocery store and look at the variety of flavors and brands selling K cups coffee. Then go to your local Dunkin & Donuts or Starbucks and peruse their coffee menu. It’s easy to see that when you compare K cups vs. ground coffee roasts at local coffee houses that K cups offer you a much larger selection. Not only does this give you flexibility with choosing flavors, it also gives you the price options, as well.

5. Freshness
You can’t beat the freshness of a K cup. While ground roast coffee roasts you buy at the grocery store lose freshness the day you open up the bag, K cup coffee cups stay airtight until you brew them. That means you get a fresher more flavorful cup of coffee every time you choose K cup packaged coffee.

Why Doctors' Choice® Single Serve Cups?

Doctors’ Choice® Comes In Recyclable #5 Eco Single Serve Cups

We want the best of the best in single serve to accommodate the needs of each busy and finicky consumer when it comes to getting great tasting coffee fast, without any spills, waste or mess to clean up afterward. However, leading innovation in the coffee world of single serve does not come without it’s challenges. We believe our hardest sale will be to those who have tried other single serve cups or K-Cup® packs and have been less than satisfied because the coffee was acrid tasting, bitter, didn’t have enough flavor, was too watered down, and was so bad that they could not conceive serving it to their best enemy, etc., etc. If that’s been you, then we’ve got a challenge for you. With the DOCTORS’ CHOICE® seal of good health and guarantee for 100% satisfaction, we promise that you’ll get to enjoy a whole new experience around brewing with these unique single serve cups.

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