How Lynsie Lost 6 pounds in 35 days, drinking just one cup a day of the Antioxidant Rich Fat Burning Coffee

Meet Lynsie Martin

Profession: Hairstylist
Age: 31
Before: 156 pounds
After: 150 pounds
Timeframe: 35 days, drinking just one cup a day of the Antioxidant Rich Fat Burning Coffee

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My name is Lynsie, I’m 31 years old and working as a hairstylist.  Being on my feet all day is tiring and leaves me little energy to work out or go to the gym. I love my job, but there’s not a whole lot of movement in the work that I do to burn any of those extra calories.  Those extra calories over a year’s time put on 30 extra pounds for me to carry and boy did I feel it, not only was I getting even more tired, but was feeling insecure as ever about my body. My stomach and hips were noticeably bigger and I wasn’t sure about what I’d do to lose this weight since I had never had a problem with my weight before.

Then, as though an answer to my prayer, she came waltzing in the door at my work one day.  Shelby, a consultant for Doctors’ Choice, had come in to meet with the owner of Carol & Company to get her to taste these amazing new coffees.  Suffice it to say, the owner was interested, and so was I, so Shelby left us with a few samples each to try.  Having tried just a few cups of the Fat Burning Coffee, I felt amazing. I was having much better energy through the day than I had in a long time, but this is where my story gets even more interesting. In having just several cups, I had noticed a drop in my weight.  I thought, “Okay, not sure if it’s this coffee, but I haven’t done anything else to lose any weight”.  Together, the owner and I invested into more of this coffee to test it out (we were a bit skeptical).  She wasn’t sure about whether to retail it to her customers and I wasn’t sure if it was in fact helping me lose weight.  After two rounds of trying a couple cartons of the Fat Burning Coffee, we knew in fact that it was the coffee that was helping me lose weight.  Both the owner and I were sold. This coffee works, and I would recommend it to anyone who not only enjoys rich tasting coffee, but has the goal in their mind to lose weight.  After 5 weeks of drinking this coffee, I weighed in at my doctor’s office weighing six pounds less.  DOCTORS’ CHOICE is working for me, and I will continue to drink this coffee because I look forward to showing my results to everyone. I recommend this to my family, friends and clients!  I can’t wait for the future weigh ins..


Thank you Shelby and thank you Doctors’ Choice!

Lynsie Martin

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