Here are Benefits of Drinking Black Coffee without Sugar

Drinking coffee should be enough and not excessive. It is also recommended to be consumed without sugar twice a day, a cup in the morning after breakfast and a cup on the afternoon after meals.

Chairman of Research Institute of University of Jember, East Java, Professor Achmad Subagio, said this in a written statement

This appeal is said because drinking unsweetened coffee can improve memory, help the brain stay active also helps activate the nerves to prevent premature dementia. In addition it can increase intelligence, because caffeine is simultaneous psychoactive that reacts with the body and can improve mood, energy and cognitive function of a person.

"Coffee without sugar is also able to help clean the 'contents of the stomach', so [one] will often urinate. In addition, making toxins and bacteria in the body that is in the stomach out with urine," explained Prof. Achmad.

Not only that, consuming sugarless coffee can also help you lose weight, because it can burn fat and can increase the body's metabolism. In fact, coffee without sugar can overcome heart disease, reduce the level of inflammation in the body thereby lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Coffee is also useful as an antioxidant. A cup of coffee also contains vitamins B2, B3 and B5 as well as manganese, magnesium and potassium.

"Start drinking coffee without sugar from now. Drinking black coffee twice a day can prevent Parkinson's disease, because caffeine increases the levels of dopamine in the body. Coffee can also increase the mood to become the best 'drug' to fight depression," appealed the agricultural expert and also food processing expert. 


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