Importance Of Vitamin C In Cold Weather

When winter is sneaking around, many of us change our routines, whether it’s wardrobe, skincare, diet or supplements. Winter brings seasonal flu, the cold, joint inflammation or simply energy drainage for some people, so most of us try and prepare for it the best we can. One of the things we do is take supplements, most often in the form of vitamins.
Vitamin C is the best known and most often used of all the supplements. If you’d like to know why, how important is it and just how it can help, keep reading!
  • During cold months, fruits and veggies with high doses of Vitamin C are not that often. That’s why in fall and winter we usually reach for vitamin C supplements to prevent the flu and other side effects of cold weather.
  • Vitamin C is well known to boost your immunity because it acts as an antioxidant, which means it not only helps battle the flu symptoms, but also helps produce collagen.
  • When you’re stressed, your body requires more Vitamin C than usual, so if you’re worn down by everyday stress, grab an orange or take a supplement!
  • Supplements are great, but if you can get your daily dose of Vitamin C from natural sources, try and do it. The minimal daily dose is around 60 milligrams, which you can get from eating a single orange a day. You know what? You can make that two!
  • While Vitamin C is very important in cold months, don’t forget iron, vitamin B and other sources of health that are particularly important in this time of year.


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