Reversing Cognitive Decline With Bacopa Monniera

 A 69-year-old entrepreneur and professional man greatly improves his memory and cognitive abilities within 6 months.

Presented with 11 years of slowly progressive memory loss, which had accelerated over the past one or two years, he adopted a new lifestyle which dramatically and rapidly gave him recovery of his declining memory.

Within six months of learning how to fast and when, giving up simple carbs and processed foods, regular and strenuous exercise, increased vegetables and fruits, limited consumption of animal protein (grass-fed beef, organic chicken and non-farmed fish), coconut oil, melatonin to improve sleep, and taking herbs starting with Bacopa monniera, available in each cup of Doctors' Choice carcinogen-free, low acid coffee from the 'lifestyle blends' line. Try your first cup today!

Read entire article from the abstract: Reversal of Cognitive Decline, A Novel Therapeutic Program. 

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