Dangerously Smooth

Last month, while visiting a friend in Minneapolis, I had the pleasure of trying this coffee. A colleague had given her a pod of Black Gesha, saying it was the only coffee her son could drink due to digestive issues. We split the pod three ways. Immediately I noticed the smoothness of the flavor. There was no acidic aftertaste, as with many coffees. I have often associated the strength of a coffee blend with this feature. However, this coffee did not taste watery or weak, either. I briefly noted that I liked the coffee and went on with my visit. It wasn't until later, sitting in Starbucks drinking their blonde, that I realized just how much I liked Black Gesha. The bitter aftertaste (which I have always liked) seemed be a bit more overpowering than usual. I joke that Doctor's Choice Coffee may have ruined my coffee drinking experience due to the simple fact that now I know that I can have a good, full-bodied coffee (complete with earthy complexity) without the residual coffee-grounds-in-my-mouth aftertaste. I would recommend this coffee to anyone who enjoys a good cup of joe in the morning, but doesn't want to carry stale salivary bitterness for the remainder of the day
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