Doctors' Choice is a part of the daily routine!

When it comes to coffee, I just can’t get enough! I have tried countless varieties, ranging from instant-made at 15000 feet on Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro, to premium Blue Mountain coffee in the hills of Jamaica, all the way to a local Starbucks or a cute Mom & Pop store in my hometown. Everywhere I go, I try a cup-- or five!! So, when I encountered Doctors' Choice coffee at the Water to Wine half earlier this month, I was intrigued to discover what made this coffee better than the others. I first tried the Paleo blend.  I was immediately struck by the aromatic scent of the blend, and equally as delighted by the smooth and almost creamy flavor of the coffee. I loved learning about the functionality of the varieties- such as extra nutrients or fitness functions. I was soon off the run my race, and noticed that for all 13.1 miles, I felt light on my feet with a continuous energy. This is in contrast to other runs, that I kick-off with my usual home brew or a Starbucks, which can leave my mouth feeling parched and my body dragging in the last few miles. After the race, I was back to try the Fat-burning blend. What a pleasure—such a sweet and rich flavor! There was no harsh acid bite, and absolutely no need for my usual milk, cream or sugar. Anyone who wants to truly savor the coffee experience should certainly make Doctors' Choice a part of the daily routine! What more can you ask for than a delicious taste with a ton of extra benefits such as fat burning and increased energy!? 
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