So. Pretty much in love with this coffee. Coffee doesn't cause issues for me BUT I know the difference between good stuff and substandard stuff. And this is REALLY GOOD STUFF. If you have problems with heartburn or acid reflux (I don’t but I recommended it to people who do) this is the coffee for you! I love coffee in general but different ones have different properties. Let me tell you not all coffees that have mushroom and them are created equal! Full-bodied and smooth, it's become my first choice to be the base of all my blends from a pumpkin spiced latte or buttered elixir to just basic half and half! There is nothing about it that I don't love from the recyclable packaging to the way the coffee bean is prepared: low heat roast, which preserves flavonoids and phenols in the bean, rather than the traditional fire roast which increases the formation of carcinogens! There are 3 different blends: Premium Paleo (mushroom-based and loaded with selenium), Fat Burning (a metabolism-booster that will energize and support fat burning and thus, weight loss) and Black Boquete Gesha (good for anti-aging/memory support)- and it ALL blends perfectly to whip up  Hop over, check 'em out, getchoo some and tell them Dr. Angelique sentcha! 



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