The flavor and taste being so rich, and lack of bitterness is truly remarkable

This is a testimonial regarding the quality and character of the coffees we (my wife and I) have enjoyed and loved from the Doctors, Coffee Company.  We were made aware of this brand while at one of our local epicurean coffee shops in Harbor Springs, Michigan just after Christmas.  The flavor and taste being so rich, and lack of bitterness is truly remarkable.  My favorite is the Paleo Blend Dark. We have researched the brand further and find that the experiences we have had match up with the statements of the essence of each of the various coffee types we have enjoyed.  Many thanks for being ahead of the game with these fine brews so easy to use as a K-cup variety.

We will consider ourselves loyal customers while you continue to make these gourmet coffees so elegant and enjoyable.

- Randyand Lisa Galloway

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Doctors' Choice is a part of the daily routine!

When it comes to coffee, I just can’t get enough! I have tried countless varieties, ranging from instant-made at 15000 feet on Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro, to premium Blue Mountain coffee in the hills of Jamaica, all the way to a local Starbucks or a cute Mom & Pop store in my hometown. Everywhere I go, I try a cup-- or five!! So, when I encountered Doctors' Choice coffee at the Water to Wine half earlier this month, I was intrigued to discover what made this coffee better than the others. I first tried the Paleo blend.  I was immediately struck by the aromatic scent of the blend, and equally as delighted by the smooth and almost creamy flavor of the...

Marina White

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So. Pretty much in love with this coffee. Coffee doesn't cause issues for me BUT I know the difference between good stuff and substandard stuff. And this is REALLY GOOD STUFF. If you have problems with heartburn or acid reflux (I don’t but I recommended it to people who do) this is the coffee for you! I love coffee in general but different ones have different properties. Let me tell you not all coffees that have mushroom and them are created equal! Full-bodied and smooth, it's become my first choice to be the base of all my blends from a pumpkin spiced latte or buttered elixir to just basic half and half! There is nothing about it that I don't love from...

Dr. Angelique Trigueros

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Very tasty

All the sample were awesome. Very tasty. I especially enjoyed the slimming coffee. You were right, you do not g ave to put creme at all.


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Love the taste especially just black

Love the taste especially just black. Has to be great coffee to drink it black for me. Been taking a break drinking it though. I ended up with the flu really bad so I switched to tea and honey but I'll soon be going back to my lovely coffee. I'll probably be ordering more in the future thank you.


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Huge difference in my energy levels and alertness

Just received my coffee last week. After three days of drinking Doctors' Choice instead of my regular Starbucks, I can already tell a huge difference in my energy levels and alertness...and I only bought the Fat-burning blend. Can't wait to try the Memory blend! I also suffer with acid reflux, but I can drink this coffee black and not burn at all! Thank you, Doctors' Choice!


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I really like the taste

I have only tried one so far, but I really like the taste. I did add just a little agave to my cup.


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Highly recommended

Doctors, Choice coffee tastes so good it's the one coffee I'm willing to drink completely black - it's delicious. (I suspect due to its unique roasting process.) Add to that the numerous health benefits of each of the three blends and it's by far the favorite coffee of this self-described coffee snob. I'm a pretty health-conscious person and Doctor's Chou e definitely appeals to me on that front. 10/10, highly recommended


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Delicious coffee

Doctors' choice is a delicious coffee that actually benefits my health. I love it!


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Thanks for making a great product!

Easy to order and reasonable delivery time. Thanks for making a great product!


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