Dr. Angelique's Review

"So. Pretty much in love with this coffee. Coffee doesn't cause issues for me BUT I know the difference between good stuff and substandard stuff. And this is REALLY GOOD STUFF. If you have problems with heartburn or acid reflux this is the coffee for you! It's no secret that I love coffee in general but different ones have different properties. Recently I acquired this coffee from the company Doctors' Choice and it is a cup of amazingness!! Full-bodied and smooth, it's my first kill of the day. There is nothing about it that I don't love from the recyclable packaging to the way the coffee bean is prepared: low heat roast, which preserves flavonoids and phenols in the bean, rather than the traditional fire roast which increases the formation of carcinogens!There are 3 different blends: Premium Paleo (mushroom-based and loaded with selenium), Fat Burning (a metabolism-booster that will energize and support fat burning and thus, weight loss) and Black Boquete Gesha (good for anti-aging/memory support)- and it ALL blends perfectly to whip up a butter coffee. Hop over, check 'em out, getchoo some and tell them Dr. Angelique sentcha!"

"The Fat Burning blend worked the best on the mornings that I was headed to hot yoga-that’s where I saw my greatest effects with it! Not only was it not going to bother my stomach because of the low acidity but it gave me super charged energy-no joke! I feel like that compounded my work out and made me feel very satisfied until quite a bit later in the morning!"

Doctors review about DOctors' Choice low acid coffee