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 We practice ethical business trade through what is known as Direct Trade, a standard by which many small farming communities can benefit far more than by receiving a fair wage.

Our goal is to support the education of farmers and their families, to provide them with healthcare, and ensure their land is taken care of in the best possible way.

What is "Fair" Direct Trade coffee?

Direct trade is a term used by coffee roasters who buy straight from the growers, cutting out both the traditional middleman buyers and sellers and also the organizations that control certifications such as Fair Trade and Bird Friendly, for example. Direct trade proponents say their model is the best because they build mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with individual producers or cooperatives in the coffee-producing countries. Some roasters do it because they are dissatisfied with the third-party certification programs, while others want to have more control over aspects ranging from the quality of the coffee, to social issues, or environmental concerns.