Smooth & Delicious Without The Bitter or Burnt Taste of Traditionally Roasted Coffees That Can Cause Acid Reflux, Heartburn or Stomach Upset.

Our healthy coffee beans are roasted using the most advanced equipment to protect the beans' flavor and goodness that produces a lower acidic coffee.
Only 2 % of roasters in the world use this technology because it takes longer, produces smaller quantities and results in higher costs.

 Traditional Methods of Roasting

Traditional methods used today runs the beans along a conveyor belt system while hot air blows from a gas flame manifold beneath. This is how they get cooked – similar to how food is cooked on a gas grill. Another method commonly done is by tumbling the beans in the gas flame that cooks them in this high heat like a commercial gas dryer. Both of these types of roasters tend to “burn” the bean at temps of 435 °F causing an unevenness in the roasting process that does not fully remove these acid producing compounds.

 Our Nonconventional Methods of Roasting

Fact- 1

Infrared coffee roasters are so advanced in bringing out the health benefits of coffee as compared to other conventional coffee roasting methods. Studies have shown that compared to conventional roasting, infrared roasting showed less increase in radicals on the bean during and after the roasting process.

Fact- 2

Infrared beans are uniformly heated and never burned. Rather, their quick increase in the internal temperature results in the beans suffering less damage on their surface and leading to a coffee without the commonly known bitter and burnt taste.

Fact- 3

The aromatic compounds run an average of being 25% higher than that of conventional roasting making the smell of infrared coffee even more enjoyable.

Fact- 4

Many people with stomach sensitivity can now enjoy coffee without getting an upset stomach. DOCTORS’ CHOICE® coffee is automatically low acid by the way we roast the beans.

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