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You Never Know What Time Your Guest Will Want Coffee. Why Not Let Them Make Their Own Cup Fresh Whenever They Want?

It’s A Fact: Believe it or not, Americans are used to being up early, even on their days of rest away from it all. Guests that want fresh and hot coffee at 5 am or late at night would never ask you to go out of your way to prepare it for them. Knowing this, are you willing to accommodate them?

It’s A Fact: By honoring your guests with hot, fresh, super delicious and healthy coffee that won’t give them heartburn or acid reflux, that has no bitter or burnt taste, and contains NO Carcinogens, you’ll be making more money than you ever dreamed you could off of coffee, and that’s the DOCTORS’ Choice® RISK-FREE GUARANTEE!

It’s A Fact: People love our coffee because they can tell the difference immediately! 90 % will not want to add cream or sugar! These will be the ones to purchase coffee right off your hands (better have some in stock to sell ). It’s hard to believe but it is true, Doctors’ Choice® is the only coffee that offers health benefits to support memory and cognitive performance, circulation, respiratory and digestive functioning & weight loss too. You’ll no longer need to expense your coffee as a debit. You can now add it as a credit on your books!

It’s A Fact: Innkeepers have their mornings tied up with having to commit their time to making coffee for their guests. This prevents them from having the free time to run an early errand, sleep in or go for an early walk or workout.

It’s A Fact: Your guests love coming to a B&B, Inn or Boutique Hotel that’s why they chose your place of business, but they have grown up in the coffee department. Coffee lovers want the ability to have each cup they drink made fresh for them, that’s just a fact. That’s why Coffee Shops attract the business they do.

It’s A Fact: With the Bunn My Café Pourover, there’s no mess, no waste and no harm to the environment. Each cup is sealed fresh for brewing at any time of the day or night, when your guest most desires it. Each cup is compostable and contains a filter inside to protect the grounds for optimal flavor. You’ll honor over 50% of your guests who care about the environment with these recyclable Kcups.

Don’t hesitate, I guarantee you’ll be glad you didn’t.