Why Choose Mushooms?

Our mushrooms promote vitality, energy and immunity. Mushrooms have been used in eastern cultures for thousands of years. We emphasize the pure whole-food, organic nature of functional mushrooms for use in everyday life. Each species has it own unique benefits naturally aiding wellness, sports performance and recovery. Using the full spectrum life-cycle of the mushroom our products contain all the bioactive compounds in a balance created by nature.

Immersed in Immune Benefits

Mushrooms have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years because of their many functional superfood benefits, specifically for the immune system. In fact, in many cultures, your plate isn’t considered complete without mushrooms. Mushrooms contain two important, immune-boosting compounds: beta-glucans and prebiotics.


Beta-glucans help activate and potentiate the immune system. Sandra described them as a “key in a lock” — activating your immune system to be battle-ready. All mushrooms contain these important molecules.


In addition to beta-glucans, mushrooms act as a prebiotic, or food for probiotics. With new studies emerging on the connection between gut health and brain health, probiotics play a crucial role in overall wellness.

Get the Most Out of Mushrooms

In order to get the best results, it’s important to follow a routine with mushroom products, whether taking capsules, powders or broths. Steve recommends doubling up the recommended dose for the first few weeks to accelerate the benefits. Sandra incorporates them into smoothies, and Steve drinks Lion’s Mane in his coffee and Energy sticks in the afternoon.

"What’s most important is that you develop a ritual, because these are products that are meant to work in harmony with your own body. And they’re really meant to be taken on a daily basis.” - Sandra Carter - Om Co-Founder