Kim's Response - Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher

"I am a massage therapist, yoga teacher, essential oils user, vitamin taker, with a nutrition degree. I exercise every day, meditate and take part in nature. The Doctors Choice coffee fits into my healthy lifestyle and philosophies. Kind to nature, kind to the body, and yet full of energy and flavor, its a hit. I drink the fat burner. Not because I need fat burning benefits, but because I cannot get over the flavor. It reminds me of a unique spice tea I found in the Seattle Pubic Market but with a heavier texture of coffee and fruity undertone. It is filling and powerful. When they suggest no more than 2 a day, they are right on. It's just not needed. It's effects last half the day. I started with a mid size order and have ordered the case now so as to not run out. I spend my extra money on health products and this has now become part of my health budget."

Kimberly S.