Take the DOCTORS’ CHOICE® Challenge

Advanced Solutions For Office Coffee..

We have options available for small, medium or large businesses that want to offer healthier and better tasting coffees at all refreshment stations,
brewed to perfection each cup, guaranteed and with no barista needed. Call our representative today 866.620.4490.

Take the DOCTORS’ CHOICE® Challenge and ask yourself these questions..

  1. Want to lower your sugar intake?
  2. Want to stay mentally sharp and alert throughout the day?
  3. Want to spend less on your current coffee habit?
  4. Want to eliminate sugar and or cream from your coffee?
  5. Want to support your digestive, circulatory, respiratory and immune system?
  6. Want to drink coffee without the flare up of Acid Reflux or Heartburn?
  7. Want to shed those few unwanted pounds, easily?

If you answered YES to 3 of the 7 questions above, then it's time you started drinking Doctors' Choice®~The Coffee That Loves You!

Want to lower your risk of type ll diabetes?

Remove All High Sugar Coffee or Other Caffeinated Drinks Laced With Sugar & Receive A Free Coffee Gift From Us.

Of course, most would say, “Yes”, but I don’t see another way of breaking this addiction I have with drinks that are laced with calories and sugar. If I only knew of a way to get this addiction satiated another way, I would”. Here is your chance to break that addiction!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then look no further, we’ve got the perfect solution. Doctors’ Choice® offers a full range of healthy coffee with added healthy ingredients to boost your day efficiently and most satisfyingly. You’ll feel better and think more clearly with better sustained energy throughout the day. Our 3 new and innovative lifestyle blends guarantee freshness, sustainability, and delicious flavor with absolutely no need for cream or sugar. 

Got Rid of The Cream & Sugar!


Debra - I Love This Coffee 
I Love This Coffee 27/7/2017 I have never been able to drink coffee without all the sweet additives. I can within your coffee. I feel good drinking your coffee. Like it will make me healthier drinking it than not having it. If that makes since. I love it

Diana - Great Coffee
This coffee is the best I have had, it is so good I don't even use sugar or cream I drink it straight from the brewer, love this coffee I talk about it to family and friends. I even share a few pods but cant let them have too much, wish the price was a bit lower, I would definitely stock up.

Gail-  Taste that does not need to be covered with cream
I purchased the starter pack. Each kind of coffee was full-bodied. It has a taste that does not need to be covered with cream. Can't weight to order more coffee to promote weight loss.


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