We believe that coffee is more than a trade and a traditional beverage to wake-up to. 

While we have good reason to believe that our coffees are richer, tastier, and healthier than 98% of the coffee that's produced in the world today, our  intent is not to compete with any ordinary or even great coffee, but to set the pace for a new and higher standard in the tradition of how coffee is prepared before it is brought to the consumer.


Great connections are made through coffee, and the world can change through one conversation over coffee.


DOCTORS’ CHOICE® did not begin as a corner coffee shop selling coffee or even roasting beans. It all began when the founders met. Both from a healthcare background, coffee was not a business they'd ever imagined starting, but seeing the need for healthier coffee in the morning just kept them up at night, until they did something about it. The result? A coffee in three unique blends to serve a most savvy and educated consumer about health and wellness.


After researching the science behind the quality, taste and benefits of our 3 KEY INGREDIENTS that differentiate us from all other coffees in the world (the highly awarded “Boquete Gesha” bean, infrared low heat roasting and the added ingredients), we decided to make a most extraordinary coffee into three prepared blends that would be freshly brewed by the cup - and fast - to help people meet the needs of their health goals. We knew, and in some cases saw for ourselves, how the research shown behind our added ingredients were effective with people in supporting their memory, digestive health, alleviating stress from high acidity with cancer patients, increasing circulatory health and even helping to offer some people neuropathy relief was just too great to pass up and not do anything about.  


Because so many people have a hard time cutting out the cream, this one piece of evidence is worth the research.

What we believe the answer might be is the fact that coffee has either a satisfying taste to it or not. If it does not, adding things to it to make it more pleasurable is what many coffee drinkers do. What people find by drinking our coffee is that it is so satisfying in taste without any bitterness or bite or aftertaste that leaves your mouth dry, the have no need to doctor it up.


Being that this is no ordinary coffee, by that we mean it has the best taste as compared to most coffee in the world (this is not only my opinion, but the opinion of champion cuppers worldwide who rate this coffee as being so), we faced the challenge of price and packaging being the exception and not the norm. Knowing this we knew like anything else, when it comes to the sale of a new product entering into the marketplace, if it’s better (and not just new and improved) but better because it’s truly different, its chances of success are pretty good, but the advantage will be to those who are first to trying it because for them price is not just an issue it’s a concern. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for”, and being in most cases this is the rule, not the exception, our aim was to create an innovative recipe for success that would help those who love their coffee as much as their health would take notice of our product set aside from all the others on the market today.

We’ve seen over and over, that those who were new to trying DOCTORS’ CHOICE® coffees, felt and tasted an immediate difference between their coffee and ours. After trying DOCTORS’ CHOICE® once, twice of for several weeks, many have claimed that they can no longer gain the same satisfaction from other coffees. What we believe as seen by our many testimonials is that other coffees will continue on giving the same recipe: commercial grade grown beans, burnt beans by the charring of the high heat and flame, an upset stomach , acid reflex, jitters, caffeine highs and lows, and so on, even with cold brewing methods to reduce the acidity DOCTORS’ CHOICE® Coffee blends will continue to give the consumer a superior product with added goodness for their benefit to health. 

Giving Back

Our dream is this, outside of the fact that WE NEED COFFEE and good coffee at that, that MERCY be known to the world for it is the greatest gift one can have in any moment there is need, and we all have need for something or another. For the needs of those without access to healthcare, that need is filled by the teams who volunteer aboard the MERCY SHIPS. It is with great honor that we at DOCTORS’ CHOICE®, a corporate sponsor to MERCY SHIPS, can be part of that team in their merciful adventures to heal and save the poorest of the poor.

"Great connections are made through coffee, and the world can change over one cup of conversation"

                                                                      Daphne Thompson | CEO