While we have good reason to believe that our coffees are richer, tastier and healthier than 98 % of the coffee that’s produced in the world today, our intent is not to compete with any ordinary or even great coffee, but to set the pace for a new and higher standard in the tradition of how coffee is prepared before it is brought to the consumer.

As coffee futurists, we are committed to science and innovation to bring a better, safer and healthier future to our children’s children and their environment.

As coffee futurists, we understand that being in the 2% category of roasters that roast coffee beans the way we do to make it richer in taste and healthier as a beverage to consume, makes our coffee blends a choice rather than a commodity.

Our core beliefs and values

  • WE BELIEVE coffee ought to be an experience that is both enjoyable and beneficial to the growers, retailers, consumers and communities in which they thrive.

  • WE PRODUCE from the most perfect soil conditions of Panama a most unique product for coffee drinkers worldwide.

  • WE HELP small farmers benefit with fair wages and medical care

  • WE SPONSOR MERCY SHIPS to give medical aid to the poor of Africa

  • WE VALUE the health of family, employees, community and all people.

  • WE WORK to preserve the beauty of the rainforest in Panama & the environment by using the latest and most advanced recyclable packaging.

  • WE BELIEVE that coffee is more than a trade and a traditional beverage to wake-up to. We see coffee as something to look forward to even while in the moment of enjoying 'a cup in hand.'  As such, our ideas that come as a continuous flow of something fresh to pour into tomorrow's cup for the consumer will always be on the horizon for us to develop. What we see in our near future is a full line of healthy beverages to accommodate every guest.  Whether they come visit our store online, or purchase from one of our Valued Vendors, there will be a beverage of their choice, as though it were specifically designed for them