Marina White

"When it comes to coffee, I just can’t get enough! I have tried countless varieties, ranging from instant-made at 15000 feet on Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro, to premium Blue Mountain coffee in the hills of Jamaica, all the way to a local Starbucks or a cute Mom & Pop store in my hometown. Everywhere I go, I try a cup-- or five!! So, when I encountered Doctors' Choice coffee at the Water to Wine half earlier this month, I was intrigued to discover what made this coffee better than the others. I first tried the Paleo blend.  I was immediately struck by the aromatic scent of the blend, and equally as delighted by the smooth and almost creamy flavor of the coffee. I loved learning about the functionality of the varieties- such as extra nutrients or fitness functions. I was soon off the run my race, and noticed that for all 13.1 miles, I felt light on my feet with a continuous energy. This is in contrast to other runs, that I kick-off with my usual home brew or a Starbucks, which can leave my mouth feeling parched and my body dragging in the last few miles. After the race, I was back to try the Fat-burning blend. What a pleasure—such a sweet and rich flavor! There was no harsh acid bite, and absolutely no need for my usual milk, cream or sugar. Anyone who wants to truly savor the coffee experience should certainly make Doctors' Choice a part of the daily routine! What more can you ask for than a delicious taste with a ton of extra benefits such as fat burning and increased energy!?" 

Dr. Angelique

"So. Pretty much in love with this coffee. Coffee doesn't cause issues for me BUT I know the difference between good stuff and substandard stuff. And this is REALLY GOOD STUFF. If you have problems with heartburn or acid reflux this is the coffee for you! It's no secret that I love coffee in general but different ones have different properties. Recently I acquired this coffee from the company Doctors' Choice and it is a cup of amazingness!! Full-bodied and smooth, it's my first kill of the day. There is nothing about it that I don't love from the recyclable packaging to the way the coffee bean is prepared: low heat roast, which preserves flavonoids and phenols in the bean, rather than the traditional fire roast which increases the formation of carcinogens!There are 3 different blends: Premium Paleo (mushroom-based and loaded with selenium), Fat Burning (a metabolism-booster that will energize and support fat burning and thus, weight loss) and Black Boquete Gesha (good for anti-aging/memory support)- and it ALL blends perfectly to whip up a butter coffee. Hop over, check 'em out, getchoo some and tell them Dr. Angelique sentcha!"



Just received my coffee last week. After three days of drinking Doctors' Choice instead of my regular Starbucks, I can already tell a huge difference in my energy levels and alertness...and I only bought the Fat-burning blend. Can't wait to try the Memory blend! I also suffer with acid reflux, but I can drink this coffee black and not burn at all! Thank you, Doctors' Choice!


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Dr. Angelique

This particular blend worked the best on the mornings that I was headed to hot yoga-that’s where I saw my greatest effects with it! Not only was it not going to bother my stomach because of the low acidity but it gave me super charged energy-no joke! I feel like that compounded my work out and made me feel very satisfied until quite a bit later in the morning! 

Lori C.

I started drinking doctors choice 1 week ago. My hands and joints don't hurt when I get up and I'm really enjoying coffee again. I quit drinking it for 2 years because of heart burn, acid reflex, and joint pain. I'm excited to see more results! Lori Chamberlain. 

Kimberly S.

I am a massage therapist, yoga teacher, essential oils user, vitamin taker, with a nutrition degree. I exercise every day, meditate and take part in nature. The Doctors Choice coffee fits into my healthy lifestyle and philosophies. Kind to nature, kind to the body, and yet full of energy and flavor, its a hit. I drink the fat burner. Not because I need fat burning benefits, but because I cannot get over the flavor. It reminds me of a unique spice tea I found in the Seattle Pubic Market but with a heavier texture of coffee and fruity undertone. It is filling and powerful. When they suggest no more than 2 a day, they are right on. It's just not needed. It's effects last half the day. I started with a mid size order and have ordered the case now so as to not run out. I spend my extra money on health products and this has now become part of my health budget.

Amazon Customer

I lost 5 pounds in the first week without even trying!

Very good tasting and takes away those mid day cravings!


I love this coffee. I have never been able to drink coffee without all the sweet additives. I can within your coffee. I feel good drinking your coffee. Like it will make me healthier drinking it than not having it. If that makes since. I love it

Jenna L.

Last month, while visiting a friend in Minneapolis, I had the pleasure of trying this coffee. A colleague had given her a pod of Black Gesha, saying it was the only coffee her son could drink due to digestive issues. We split the pod three ways. Immediately I noticed the smoothness of the flavor. There was no acidic aftertaste, as with many coffees. I have often associated the strength of a coffee blend with this feature. However, this coffee did not taste watery or weak, either. I briefly noted that I liked the coffee and went on with my visit. It wasn't until later, sitting in Starbucks drinking their blonde, that I realized just how much I liked Black Gesha. The bitter aftertaste (which I have always liked) seemed be a bit more overpowering than usual. I joke that Doctor's Choice Coffee may have ruined my coffee drinking experience due to the simple fact that now I know that I can have a good, full-bodied coffee (complete with earthy complexity) without the residual coffee-grounds-in-my-mouth aftertaste. I would recommend this coffee to anyone who enjoys a good cup of joe in the morning, but doesn't want to carry stale salivary bitterness for the remainder of the day. 

Penny W.

Absolutely by far the best tasting, I'm feeling clear headed already with just my second cup! Can't wait to try now your Fat Burning Blend. Do you guarantee that I'll lose weight?

Jill F.

I was given a few of the Paleo blend to try and I absolutely love this coffee. A great cup of coffee without the acidity. Normally I do not drink a lot of coffee due to getting heartburn, but Doctor's Choice does not give me heartburn at all. Try it and see for yourself

Chris T.

Being a cancer patient for longer than five years, I had to give up coffee as it was too acidic for me, giving me heartburn afterward. Back in November of 2015, I was given a few of the Paleo blend to try and I absolutely could not believe how good and rich it was without the acidity that normal coffee has. Since then, I’ve been drinking 2-3 cups per day of the Doctors’ Choice Premium Paleo and I can guarantee you this, it’s one of the most important things I look forward to each and every day. Try it and see for yourself!  

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