Jack Nygren No more acid reflex with this coffee!

Suzanne Stringfellow - My energy was higher than normal

Water to Wine, the Lord's work! Love this coffee, I am addicted. My energy was higher than normal for the whole 13 miles, no hunger pangs, unusual for me. I do believe it was the coffee!


Tatiana Petrowski - Wonderful coffee
I was able to try out a cup of this amazing coffee at PazazzBodyWork Massage Therapy. This wonderful coffee has a great taste and it also has so many wonderful health benefits! Thanks for the awesome java!!


Natalie PateraSmooth & delicious
Wonderfully smooth & delicious! I am excited to learn more about the health benefits! I will definitely be buying this coffee again!


Snezana Petkovik - Lasting energy
Doctors' Choice, lasting energy throughout the day with just one cup!

Penny WessleyFar the best tasting
Absolutely by far the best tasting, I'm feeling clear headed already with just my second cup! Can't wait to try now your Fat Burning Blend. Do you guarantee that I'll lose weight?


Selina AlvarezAmazing tasting coffee!!!
I heard about this wonderful coffee from my massage therapist Walt Pazazz BodyWork. He gave me one his cups to take home and try and I must say it tasted great! Thanks Walt and Doctor's Choice. Amazing 


Erika CarsonTaste too good
This taste too good to be GOOD FOR YOU! I love the taste of this coffee. So glad that a friend shared this with me.


Sheryl Faris - Fat Burning Blend
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your coffee. It tastes great with no bitter after taste, and doesn't give me the jitters. Thanks for a great product.


Shelby MorkFive Stars
Started my new position with Doctors' Choice. So Thankful to have found an organization with so much heart and soul! Blessed be that road that brought me to you Daphne Thompson. This coffee is remarkable, it tastes superior and is OH SO HEALTHY! It's like starting your morning with a cup of brilliance!

 PazazzBodyWorkLoved it!
A dear friend gave me a few of these to try out. I started with the fat burning blend and it was really good. I was surprised at just how good it did taste. I normally add cream and sugar to coffee, but I did not do that with this one. That is why it was so amazing! I could actually drink it plain and it tasted great. This stuff is really top notch coffee with great holistic properties!


David Smeets - I really, really like this coffee
Hello Doc. Of Doctors' choice. I really, really like this coffee. Tried it this morning and wow. I've noticed a rich and strong bold flavor. Better than your everyday coffee. Best yet. It helps support mercy ships (super cause) who serve a most merciful God and Savior. The Light of the World. Thank you and going to order and continue to order "Doctors Choice"


Kelly Mathre - We absolutely love Doctors' Choice coffee
We absolutely love Doctor's Choice coffee, the flavor is perfect and the energy I have thought the day is noticeably different. I feel even better knowing that I'm consuming a product that offers nutrients I can't get from another product. I offer this to all my guests and have yet to find someone that doesn't think it's great. Can't wait to try new products and flavor a from you guys!


Marina WhiteI was immediately struck by the aromatic scent of the blend

When it comes to coffee, I just can’t get enough! I have tried countless varieties, ranging from instant-made at 15000 feet on Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro, to premium Blue Mountain coffee in the hills of Jamaica, all the way to a local Starbucks or a cute Mom & Pop store in my hometown. Everywhere I go, I try a cup-- or five!! So, when I encountered Doctor’s Choice coffee at the Water to Wine half earlier this month, I was intrigued to discover what made this coffee better than the others. I first tried the Paleo blend. I was immediately struck by the aromatic scent of the blend, and equally as delighted by the smooth and almost creamy flavor of the coffee. I loved learning about the functionality of the varieties- such as extra nutrients or fitness functions. I was soon off the run my race, and noticed that for all 13.1 miles, I felt light on my feet with a continuous energy. This is in contrast to other runs, that I kick-off with my usual home brew or a Starbucks, which can leave my mouth feeling parched and my body dragging in the last few miles. After the race, I was back to try the Fat-burning blend. What a pleasure—such a sweet and rich flavor! There was no harsh acid bite, and absolutely no need for my usual milk, cream or sugar. Anyone who wants to truly savor the coffee experience should certainly make Doctor’s Choice a part of the daily routine! What more can you ask for than a delicious taste with a ton of extra benefits such as fat burning and increased energy!?