The Galloways - the lack of bitterness is truly remarkable

"This is a testimonial regarding the quality and character of the coffees we (my wife and I) have enjoyed and loved from the Doctors' Choice® Coffee Company. We were made aware of this brand while at one of our local epicurean coffee shops in Harbor Springs, Michigan just after Christmas. The flavor and taste being so rich, and lack of bitterness is truly remarkable. My favorite is the Paleo Blend Dark. We have researched the brand further and find that the experiences we have had match up with the statements of the essence of each of the various coffee types we have enjoyed. Many thanks for being ahead of the game with these fine brews so easy to use as a K-cup variety. We will consider ourselves loyal customers while you continue to make these gourmet coffees so elegant and enjoyable."

Many Thanks, Randy and Lisa Galloway.