Ask yourself, "What's it worth?"

Compare the difference between Doctors' Choice® blends to any other low acid coffee brands, and you'll see why.

What Makes Doctors' Choice® A More Premium Coffee?

Our beans are grown in the high elevations of the Boquete region of Panama by several local farming communities that we buy directly from (Read more about Direct Fair Trade).

Our beans are naturally processed without the use of heavy commercialized equipment. Each harvest is produced by small and hand selected batches of the finest cherry beans that have been sun ripened and open-air dried (Read more about Small Scale Farming & Production).

Our beans are roasted using the most advanced equipment to protect the beans' flavor and goodness and produce lower acidic coffee. Only 2 % of roasters in the world use this technology because it takes longer, produces smaller quantities and results in higher costs.

Our beans are ground with high concentrations of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to promote wellness from within (Read more about Added Healthy Ingredients).

More on Roasting & Manufacturing:

After these incredible beans arrive into the US, they go through our proprietary manufacturing process. After a unique low heat roasting process (which does not damage the inherent benefits of the bean as traditional roasting does), our beans are ready for mixing with superior nutraceutical grade ingredients to produce healthy unique blends in an ISO certified, Kosher regulated and Allergen-free facility.

Why Single Serve Cups?

We want the best of the best in single serve to accommodate the needs of each busy and finicky consumer when it comes to getting great tasting coffee fast, without any spills, waste or mess to clean up afterward. However, leading innovation in the coffee world of single serve does not come without it’s challenges. We believe our hardest sale will be to those who have tried other single serve cups or K-Cup® packs and have been less than satisfied because the coffee was acrid tasting, bitter, didn’t have enough flavor, was too watered down, and was so bad that they could not conceive serving it to their best enemy, etc., etc. If that’s been you, then we’ve got a challenge for you. With the DOCTORS’ CHOICE® seal of good health and guarantee for 100% satisfaction, we promise that you’ll get to enjoy a whole new experience around brewing with these unique single serve cups. We’re so sure in fact, that you’ll want to share the DOCTORS’ CHOICE® promise with others. That’s why we’ve created a special “Refer A Friend” program and a “Buy Back” program.

Switch To Doctors’ Choice® This Year & Compare The Difference!

Buy Back Guarantee:

Why not give us a try?

After all, each box does come with a warning label: “THE COFFEE THAT LOVES YOU!” If you’re not satisfied enough to re-order with us online or to shop at any of our participating retailer locations, send us your empty box for a full refund. That’s the DOCTORS’ CHOICE® promise.