Perfect Soil - Perfect Bean!

Why The Boquete Gesha Bean Has A Unique Flavor That Sets It Apart From All Other Coffees of The World..

The perfect cup of coffee derives from the perfect bean that is produced in, you guessed it, the perfect soil.
Boquete’s award-winning plantations are spread over volcanic black land and offer the perfect combination of shade, sun and humidity. The serene rain forests and tropical flora enrich the land and produce the sweet floral and citrus flavors that make Boquete coffees distinct. From article written by By Cherrye Moore, Pan Am Publishing S.A. Republic of Panama 2011.

Coffee from Boquete Panama wins awards year after year due to its unique agricultural setting in the highlands of Western Panama. It yields for us only the finest, though expensive, ripest and hand-picked Geisha beans.  

Your Purchase Helps The Guaymi Indian Families of Panama

 Why Our Mountain Grown Coffee Is Richer In Taste, More Satisfying In Flavor
And Better To The Environment

  • Our beans are grown in very high elevations which make them harder, denser and better in flavor. Beans that are grown in higher elevations take longer to grow and are more mature in ripeness as a result of the tree having more time to absorb the content of rich minerals the soil has to offer. One of the reasons our coffee is unique is because it is not grown just to be grown to meet the demand of large commercial suppliers. You can tell a difference when you drink it, the coffee is sweet - that is one reason why we call it "The Coffee That Loves You!"
  • Higher grown trees are also associated most often with being shade-grown. More often than not, these are chemical-free and organically cultivated (whether certified or not). Our beans are grown on developed plantations that are filled with many varieties of mature and native plants that are part of the tropical rain forests of Panama. These native plants provide the shade not only to our coffee plants, but create a harmonious nitrogen balance in the soil, and this gives the proper nutrients to the soil to become the perfect micro-climate for the the coffee plants. This could be one of the reasons why this coffee produces a rich taste with full flavor without the bitter aftertaste.  
  • When coffee is grown in its natural habitat, many good things occur to protect the environment, especially in the Boquete Gesha rain forests of Panama where its perfect soil conditions create award winning beans year after year and is why our coffee tastes so good! 
  • The environment plays an important part to the coffee not only but to all those who reside in it!  Our beans are rain-forest protected and remain as a safe refuge for the many gorgeous birds that need its conditions to be right for them to thrive and be happy! We need them to be happy, because happy birds equate to more flavorful coffee. Without them, the bugs they eat would damage the coffee plants.
  • Due to ideal conditions being met, it becomes unnecessary for our farmers to use sprays on the trees with insecticide that inevitably ends up in the water supply of villages at the foot of the mountains, and who knows where else! 
  • Our growers do not use commercial equipment that can damage the mountainous slopes, but rather use the natural lay of the land to grow the coffee beans, and hand pick them one at a time. This ensures quality from batch to batch within each harvest for consistent flavor and goodness. No bad-cherry in our cart!