"Midnight Glow" Doctors’ Choice® Round Belly Coffee Mug

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The Coffee That Loves You

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These beautiful hand thrown pottery mugs are a favorite of many of our restaurants and inns. Pictured here in our Black w/Cinnamon White glaze, it features a nice wide base and tapered top that keeps beverages hot. Many of our customers have said that this is the perfect shape to cradle in your hands, and we couldn't agree more.

Glaze Color: Midnight black w/cinnamon white glaze
Benefits: Servers can safely grab four mugs at a time with one hand when serving or clearing a table. Whether for home, inn or restaurant, this full featured mug is attractive, durable and chip resistant.
Dimensions & Weight: All of our mugs weigh about one pound each. The Round Belly is 4 ½ “ wide (including handle) and 3 5/8” tall – 10 ounce capacity.
Capacity: 10 oz.